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( Nov. 19th, 2007 04:04 pm)
Friday: Karaoke. Sang three songs. Britney Spears' Toxic, My hips don't Lie (Shakira) (Yeah, I'm hearing you. I DO hate her, but it was like a purification fire), and one from Selena. I was seriously drunk (thanks to all my fellas who told the barman it was my bday and he made me drink a strange alcoholic concoction that left me unable to respond to stimuli), and happy, because all who came were people I do care for dearly and because I have demonstrated I'm a civilized girl *evil grin*. My best friend Luisito didn't attend because A) he doesn't care about me anymore and B) he had a bad, bad cold. Nearly everyone sang something, even [profile] ldalcaraz sang a local stripper club hymn. It came out dreadful  xD.

+ Harry Potter Scene It! (from Gina and Nidia, my ex-roommates and beloved friends from all that long phd. way)
+ Gift certificates from MixUP(CdStores) from Vere and Betty, two labmates and friends.
   I got from these:  Stranger than Fiction
                                   Little Miss Sunshine
                                   Mars Attacks!
                                   The Meaning of Life.
                                   (I was looking for Kevin Smith's films but they're not available here)
+A very fancy brush set from Ilenia, a labmate
+My cell phone account paid by my dad xD
+two skirts from mom
+a HUGE and LONG pillow from my bro and his wife
+This paid account! from [personal profile] milosflaca
+Sauron (My dog) and a Scene It! from [profile] lummie
+Lots of love from everyone

Final balance: I'm very happy.

Ah, and a final comment. Lenin forgot about my birthday again. :S.... But well.. I almost was certain about that.

LITTLE SIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_______________T


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