Comment on this post and I'll give you a band/artist. Don't worry, I'll make it one you know and love. You put your ten favorite songs by that band on your LJ and/or in reply to the comment, then challenge others to do the same.

from [personal profile] boundarywho gave me Death Cab for Cutie

That was easy as I don't like a myriad of songs from them, so:

1. New Candles
2. Two Cars
3. someday You will be loved
5. information travels faster
6. we looked like giants
7. I will follow you into the dark
8. Soul meets body
9.Marching bands from manhattan

and that's all. xD

A problem would  have been if she had chosen Radiohead, interpol or the flaming lips :D
anyway that was a great meme. Hope you do the same for me, girls! XDDD
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