you got the idea. I'm sick in bed. I can barely speak.

So if anybody wants to chat with me, I'm marchatorium at hotmain dot com in msn messenger or marchitez in AIM.

+finished (AT LAST!) my tree ornaments. Twisted wire and sequins and beads, and glowy balls I made myself. tons of ribbon. Will take a pic and post it. xD I'm so proud. I made like 70 orbs, 180 twisted wire ornaments, 70 bows,  25 faux glass canes, and bought lots of decorations. I'm a good daughter.
+Finished decorating my nativity set. (A mexican traditional one, with moss and real plants and clay figurines, etc).
+no lab work at all.
+A freelance job at cinvestav in preparation.
+Lenin is LOST in the INFINITe. Not heard of him since like ages ago.
+Little Sin is gradually been forgotten.
+Sauron is CUTE AND ADORABLE and obbeys me. he sleeps in my belly. Aww.
+I miss my music.
+Read Terry Pratchett's  "Men at Arms", "Eric", "The Reaper" this week. Currently reading "Maskerade". Being sick has its advantages.
+I still love Popomundo. In fact, I'm addicted.

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Ahhh, Terry Pratchett goodness! I skipped Maskarade because the only copy the store had had a kind of slightly screwed up cover (I love my books and like them nice and shiny, if I'm buying them new)

Men at Arms was lotsa love. Eric too. And.and.and!

I'm addicted to popo too :)

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I'm sick too! Funny thing is, I just had a cold about a week ago and now I have another one. :( Sore throat, congestion, everything. We can be sick buddies together. Heh, feel better soon!

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Thanks, hun... and yeah! We were sick buddies! XD
It was my first cold in ages, mind. XPPPPp
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I hope you get better, love.

Definitely can't wait for pics of the ornaments. They sound amazing.

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thanks, sweetie!
I have no camera right now but I'll take some with my cellphone and post them. :D
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estoy en AIM ahorita :) (bueno, no se si metiste la entrada ayer, porque la marca como hoy -2 de diciembre-).
Pues voy a estar todo el dia en linea porque voy a estar encadenada a la maquina haciendo fondos y backup de la pobre pandrosito...

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me he estado metiendo periodicamente al AIM pero no te he visto, snif snif.
a ver si nos encontramos pronto
un bso


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