I was most satisfied because my kids (alumni) are amazing. For being 16-18 yr old kids, they have a great communication with me and we hang out even out of the classroom. That has to be due that I have a teenager soul. XD
Today I taught evolution. I hope I soaked their spongy minds with Dobzhansky, Darwin, and everyone else. They have to get away from creationists.

I started to play sims again. I feel complete and relaxed.

Pics soon.

Love to you all

From: [identity profile] ffarff.livejournal.com

if one of those kids turns away from creationism then your life is worth it.

From: [identity profile] marchatorium.livejournal.com

I know, and I live in a small catholic city, and it's a prep high school, so the kids are a bit closed minded...
(there's one who asked me to teach creationism in a positive way, go figure)
I hope them actually understood why GENES are responsible of humans appearance.
offtopic: Missed your comments! *smooches*

From: [identity profile] torquemadman.livejournal.com

Dude, you're scaring me: I thought 'creationism is science' is the local idiocy of dem poor States, but you say it can be imported? Mommy dear, what it if gets to us? D:
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From: [identity profile] milosflaca.livejournal.com

noooo! I've heard other people (non-american) talk about that too. It's just awful! *rolls eyes*

From: [identity profile] marchatorium.livejournal.com

Nah, the belief dwelled here since the dawn of civilization (aztecs and olmecs and toltecs and such) and then catholicism brewed those beliefs and refined them, finishing with the imprint of the seven day creation in everyone's mind.
add the fact that our education isn't compulsory and that a significant number of people is still unschooled...

From: [identity profile] marchatorium.livejournal.com

Well, if we believe in things such as the "Chupacabras"... you may expect anything

From: [identity profile] marchatorium.livejournal.com

Oh! Me too! Me too! I'm in fact expecting an enlightening visit from it! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

From: [identity profile] marchatorium.livejournal.com

Nah, not as imported as imprinted since colonial times.
you know, here they are women who suspend their contraceptive treatments before confessing with their priests. That shocking.
Now go and tell them people that God didn't create the world in exactly seven days.
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From: [identity profile] milosflaca.livejournal.com

no mames! me hiciste escupir el refresco en el monitor XD

que recuerdo! *se muere de la risa*

From: [identity profile] marchatorium.livejournal.com

*rie a morir silenciosamente. los alumnos la observan*
estoy a media clase (estamos en el centro de computo, haciendo un trabajo)
luego nos leemos
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From: [identity profile] milosflaca.livejournal.com

ah, pero te he de hacer escupir el refresco! XD y contesta mi maaaaaaail. Yo esta nochecita posteo winestone en la comunidad :)

From: [identity profile] ghaidin.livejournal.com

Geez. I went to Catholic school mehself, and the nuns never even mentioned creationism... there is plenty of room for God in evolution, if you just don't obsess over line #XXXXX in the Bible.

and don't try to nail down the moment of creation to the minute, maybe.

That said... but of course creationism is THE answer! And may you be smitten for denying the truth! To show you just how much the Lord loves you I shall proceed now to burn your hair, kick you on the arse and other very christian acts.

From: [identity profile] marchatorium.livejournal.com

*burns in the stake* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh

No, really, I am a Catholic, but I obviously know the difference between literal translation and symbolism. meh.


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