I bombarded 350 of my Arabidopsis babies today, three lines, 115 plants per line. That meant 2 hours of preparation (covering gold particles with the different constructs,  tags, transport of the plant trays, etc) and 4 additional shooting hours. I'm wrecked. Samplings will begin tomorrow and they'll finish on Sunday morning, then I'm departing to see [personal profile] milosflaca and [profile] lummie, yipee!
When I return I expect symptoms from every virus-shot plant. :)

Other stuff:
Lenin called me yesterday  from a party, and he was drunk, again (tell me something new :S) . I'm fearing he's drinking a bit too much. (5 days a week that's what I call an excess) He told me that in France is very common  and that they are allowed to drink everywhere, even in the laboratories, and I'm reluctant to believe so. For me, that's nostalgia mixed with beer and self-abandon and lab stress. And, again, the old story about sharing his life with me and blah blah blah... I hate that he never tells me he can't live without me when sober. Or maybe he tells me but a lot less adamant and vehement.

and... I discovered a bunch of new freckles on my skin. I'm depressed. I hate sun.

Ok, hugs to everyone. Or kisses. choose yourself, I'm generous xD. :P
My little babies are not ready to be inoculated...
That adds a whole week to my schedule.  They have only four true leaves, and I have to wait until they have at least 6, because if not, the infection can delay even more than 15 days... (that because the god damn virus needs short days (8hlight-16h darkness) and a STABLE 23ºC temperature and blah blah blah)
What calms me is that I have everything (Viral clones and gold particles and growth chamber) ready and just when they reach the appropriate size and developmental stage, I'll be bombarding them right away, because I NEED THOSE RESULTS NOW!  and  the infection is only the first step, I need to take samples of all three lines to make Real-time PCR assays, Gus stainings and complementations...
And the news are: The NPK1-Salk is not really a mutant line, as the insertional homozygous are lethal, I cannot segregate a truly mutant line.
So I have to order a new line from ABRC. :S NPK1 is giving me headaches, because the promoter:reporter gus expressing lines do not express said gene further  than in T1 population, as the gus gene and Km gene seem to be silenced,  ergo, I'm transforming AGAIN (Three times with this) to have seedlings to work with. I HATE FLORAL DIP! ¬____¬ is so messy... but I prefer that than vacuuming or tissue-culture.
anyway I'm sorry about that lab rant, If you got dizzy for reading this, my apologies.

And.... a music recommendation: Kaiser Chiefs. I'm IN ENDLESS LOVE with them. (Lovely British accents, superb music, emo, despaired lyrics...*faints again*)

Edit: hooooo!! No lab meeting today!! Yahoo!!!
marchatorium: Yummy! (Aralove)
( Feb. 20th, 2007 06:44 pm)
I *Finally* had my committee reunion.
I'm an absolute failure, you know?
It's only that I cannot think or imagine how controls will make my life easier.
It results that I have to prove that both my genes respond to viral infection by amplifying each one of the viral genes... A little bit over the top for me, but they are the law..
and well, it results also that either one of my mutants has a functional copy of the gene or the mutation, even if homozygous, is not affecting the overall phenotype because there is another rescuing gene or the insertion is way before the transcription initiation site.
so I have to verify if the mutant *is* a mutant, or a useful one, at least.
The good news are that I no longer have to produce my own proteins in order to make antibodies. My boss went generous this semester and decided that everything will be synthesized by an independent lab, that means we'll order them! Yay!

So a semester full of Real-time RT-PCRs, synthetic peptides, mutants and infection kinetics is waiting for me.

well, that and a raging boss in his office. I must go or....
(*marcha goes expecting not to be yelled at ... well.. not that much)

See ya all!

P.d. I love my nerdicon! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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