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( Nov. 24th, 2006 07:21 pm)
Yesterday we woke up with the notice that Calvin is not potty trained. :S The carpet was dantesque.... so we decided he's going to live out. He's big enough and he loves us already so we went to get him a dog house. Oh god! they're so expensive. Anyway, we got him one... and the bad news are that he doesn't seem to  like it. he keeps staring at it with fear and daze.  I expect the early morning chill urge him to sleep there. xD
In any case, he wont sleep indoor again. I have no time to train him...

I have a big doubt. If I want to change my mood theme... how do I do that??? O_O I have the jpegs and everything .... what's the next stp?

hugs to everyone!!!
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( Nov. 22nd, 2006 09:52 pm)
Last Friday, at the party, one of my guests approached me and asked if I would like to adopt a little pet dog from the city pound.
I inquired about its past, size, color and requirements. The answers satisfied me and I accepted.  So yesterday she came with the little animal. It's a street dog, very well groomed, already bathed and with the adequate vaccines.

I named him Calvin. He's so cute! it's a bit bigger than it sounded in her description, but cute anyway,
Yesterday he was nostalgic, and he sobbed nearly all night.  But now he's affectionate an he seems to accept us as his new owners. I intend to make him happy and to have a life worthy of living. He's very well behaved.

I was very blue, but he's adorable! I couldn't do anything but smile at him.


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