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( Jun. 5th, 2007 02:29 pm)
My seminar was average-presented, but good, and quickly.  Just a pair of tricky questions, but I dodged them almost wisely... xD
AAAAND I will have lots of work ahead, so I'd better go to extract some RNA and to sow some seeds I have to get ready next month to inoculate (Mwahahaha)
I'll  present some photos of my presentation tomorrow

Love to you all, and a little meme to show! XD

I just don't catch how they can evaluate your writing style, but still..,,


(stolen from  [profile] ghaidin  who stole it as well xD)

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( Feb. 20th, 2007 06:44 pm)
I *Finally* had my committee reunion.
I'm an absolute failure, you know?
It's only that I cannot think or imagine how controls will make my life easier.
It results that I have to prove that both my genes respond to viral infection by amplifying each one of the viral genes... A little bit over the top for me, but they are the law..
and well, it results also that either one of my mutants has a functional copy of the gene or the mutation, even if homozygous, is not affecting the overall phenotype because there is another rescuing gene or the insertion is way before the transcription initiation site.
so I have to verify if the mutant *is* a mutant, or a useful one, at least.
The good news are that I no longer have to produce my own proteins in order to make antibodies. My boss went generous this semester and decided that everything will be synthesized by an independent lab, that means we'll order them! Yay!

So a semester full of Real-time RT-PCRs, synthetic peptides, mutants and infection kinetics is waiting for me.

well, that and a raging boss in his office. I must go or....
(*marcha goes expecting not to be yelled at ... well.. not that much)

See ya all!

P.d. I love my nerdicon! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 04:13 pm)
So then
Today I was supposed to have a committee meeting and well, since my tutor is the Headmaster of our institution, and is popular, he has lots of important visitors. Today wasn't the exception, and his secretary called me and bluntly told me to reschedule the whole meeting thing because tomorrow the National Secretary of Agriculture himself was due to come, and had sent a bunch of his minions to set up properly all the logistics, and of course, see my boss. Me? a student? Do I even exist? hell no.
I had to swallow my bile because to reschedule means to travel from professor to professor expecting and asking for a suitable date. :S and smile even if they blame you about the cancellation,  because You had the responsibility of predict your boss' agenda and everything...
hate you, system!

Lenin contacted me yesterday because of Valentine's day. It's an improvement, you know? xD I didn't know what to think. So birthdays and commercial dates are shallow and frivolous or not? So you love me or not? So what? I'm a bit confused.  I want chocolate. I want to dance. I want.

And finally, to wish luck to[info]lummie because of her predoctoral exam, to [personal profile] milosflaca in her work issues... and to everybody !


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