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The first, a video taken from near my parents' home. (100 meters away, approximately) (entre el auditorio y galerias tecnologico) and the second, a better quality, less moving video, with a  clear take on the second, mushroom-shaped explosion.  this taken from far away, like 5 km. See the building contrasting against the flames, which i's a 10 story building, downtown Celaya, (for[personal profile] milosflaca , [and [profile] lummie  and [profile] ldalcaraz  if they remember where it was] it was where Banca Cremi used to be, at the Lopez Mateos boulevard, next to Bancomer and Multivideo,next to sanborns,  in front of the Ford Auto Sales), to assess the size of the fire.
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( Jul. 9th, 2007 02:02 am)
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Well, well. Believe it or not. That happened in my hometown last thursday, july 5th. A gas and oil pipe from our Pemex company (Government-owned) exploded (Thanks god it flamed away from the populated area, no one was harmed by the fire) The video is taken at 2:00a.m. My parents' and brother's houses are like 2 or less km away from the flames. It was a mess, people died while fleeing the city, actually. Everyone was in panic and trying to escape as far away as possible. it happened simultaneously at Celaya (my town), Salamanca an Valle de Santiago, three close cities.
more videos about this at Youtube.


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