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( May. 2nd, 2007 02:11 am)
Last Saturday I had this wedding of one of my best friends... the one whom I was attached to practically through entire university time. Before leaving to the church, I was waiting for a cab to drive me (because I don't drive and as the church is at downtown traffic was to be huge and it was an overall better idea to take a cab) when my brother came by to bother me (well, that's relative, because love is rough at home and our way to demonstrate it besides kisses and hugs is to hit and kick playfully each other)and I tried to kick him at revenge but... the hem of the dress was very narrow and it prevented me to spread the legs so when I tried to kick him the hem pulled the supporting leg up and I fell down like a sack of flour. I landed on my elbow and then my ribcage touched the earth, and in that process my neck like "ricocheted" the floor. I got up just in time to take the cab, going to the wedding, dance, catching the bouquet (yay! we have this tradition of catching the bouquet to ensure a prompt wedding!!!) and sleep. I woke up next morning, 7 am, sore. My neck hurt like hell. I couldn't turn it around or move it... practically all Sunday I was on bed with a (insert word which meaning is a neck-supportive/immobilizer cloth-covered rigid foam thing)and yesterday I went to the doctor. I hadn't nothing important, but I'm going to shoot some radiographies this week to assure that.
News: Lenin's coming this Friday... so 3 days!!! ^_______________^

Kisses to everyone!

Edit: I don't believe in that silly bouquet-catching legend. it's only that the event gave us a reason to laugh. xD
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( Mar. 24th, 2007 06:15 pm)
Not pregnant. Happy. Exhilarating. Thrilled. (you got the idea)

My gynecologist prescribed me three different hormone-based medicines to regulate my periods.  It will be nauseating for me, I'm hormone sensitive. :) but still, better that than getting to buy baby formula or folic acid, or diapers *shivers*.

*btw, for all my mother-friends: Ultrasound DOES hurt, right? or it was me? (That buzzing machine actually ached me)*

See you then. Have a fun Saturday. :)
I haven't grabbed a needle in a month. I am out of inspiration ...  that and the fact that the canvas is dark blue and my eyes hurt after an hour. :S
but... I promise next month I'll retake it. It's worthy, is a large angel dressed in plum and dark purple, and all the angel has at this point is her two wings. :P

I miss Little Sin. It's been a week since I saw him the last time. Hope he's fine, even if his disappearance is due his rampant romance... 

I'm having this strange gynecological (or whatever the spelling is) phenomenon: I'm ovulating every week, since February. 4 times with this, and my period is delayed by a month. and if Lenin was here I'd be frantic and hysterical thinking about a pregnancy, but fortunately this is not the case. Anyway,  tomorrow I'll go to the specialist to determine if I'm having an hormonal distress Edit: disorder (MY ENGLISH SuCKS) or a tumor or something... I'm frightened.
And a question: If you're ovulating, you cannot possibly be pregnant, right??????

labstuff: the usual. Waiting for a new sampling, tomorrow. :)

I'd wish it was Sunday already. (but I have to finish two drawings I promised [personal profile] milosflaca I'll show to her... so I'd go finish them, I think)

Good night to you all. Be happy :) and wish me luck with the gynecologist.


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