I haven't grabbed a needle in a month. I am out of inspiration ...  that and the fact that the canvas is dark blue and my eyes hurt after an hour. :S
but... I promise next month I'll retake it. It's worthy, is a large angel dressed in plum and dark purple, and all the angel has at this point is her two wings. :P

I miss Little Sin. It's been a week since I saw him the last time. Hope he's fine, even if his disappearance is due his rampant romance... 

I'm having this strange gynecological (or whatever the spelling is) phenomenon: I'm ovulating every week, since February. 4 times with this, and my period is delayed by a month. and if Lenin was here I'd be frantic and hysterical thinking about a pregnancy, but fortunately this is not the case. Anyway,  tomorrow I'll go to the specialist to determine if I'm having an hormonal distress Edit: disorder (MY ENGLISH SuCKS) or a tumor or something... I'm frightened.
And a question: If you're ovulating, you cannot possibly be pregnant, right??????

labstuff: the usual. Waiting for a new sampling, tomorrow. :)

I'd wish it was Sunday already. (but I have to finish two drawings I promised [personal profile] milosflaca I'll show to her... so I'd go finish them, I think)

Good night to you all. Be happy :) and wish me luck with the gynecologist.
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( Feb. 7th, 2007 05:35 pm)
My weekly top artists!

I am officially addicted to Coca-cola zero. Oh, when I thought that Coca-cola light was the ultimate pleasure experience, when combined with Marlboro menthol, I did not know how wrong I was. OHHHHH! that FLAVOR! that spiced, delicately sweetened sparkling liquor that slides down my throat and comforts me beyond mere gladness. I'm actually crying out now, guys, you know? 
So then, and by now, to those Coca-cola marketers and chemists and everyone who decides or is part of the team that has the last words about their products, THANK YOU. You have me, me and my money and my loyalty.
To Pepsi executives: nah!
yahoo! =)

Last week, Susana, a friend, came to our home as usually to smoke a cigarette and have some juicy gossip. When we were talking, Nidia brought out a piece of cross stitching she's doing, as we were watching in awe. Then she showed us assorted things she made, and her magazines, and everything, and we decided that every Thursday, while watching TV and  chatting, and conscious that we should make those hours productive besides gossip swapping, we will cross-stitch, under the strict, stony gaze of Nidia, our needle guru. And that those events should be crowned with pastries, or crepes, or anything sweet. xD

So Let the embroidery begin!

Other events: Babel won a golden globe... I don't know what to believe in now. :S
My life is a little bit like a growing seedling. It evolves but at a very slow pace.
It currently contains mainly work and little fun, I'm a homely person right now. In this moment, I have this desire of going out and dance, and drink, and party... what is somewhat ironic given that when party is in my life schedule, I tend to get tired soon....
So for a change I tried to "draw" again, only to realize how much I suck at it. I'm dreadful. I have to find -now- a new hobby or activity or occupational therapy besides from lab and  gym, otherwise I'm going to get more depressed and/or nuts. (well, completely nuts).So suggestions are welcome. XD

Have a nice day, guys!


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