you got the idea. I'm sick in bed. I can barely speak.

So if anybody wants to chat with me, I'm marchatorium at hotmain dot com in msn messenger or marchitez in AIM.

+finished (AT LAST!) my tree ornaments. Twisted wire and sequins and beads, and glowy balls I made myself. tons of ribbon. Will take a pic and post it. xD I'm so proud. I made like 70 orbs, 180 twisted wire ornaments, 70 bows,  25 faux glass canes, and bought lots of decorations. I'm a good daughter.
+Finished decorating my nativity set. (A mexican traditional one, with moss and real plants and clay figurines, etc).
+no lab work at all.
+A freelance job at cinvestav in preparation.
+Lenin is LOST in the INFINITe. Not heard of him since like ages ago.
+Little Sin is gradually been forgotten.
+Sauron is CUTE AND ADORABLE and obbeys me. he sleeps in my belly. Aww.
+I miss my music.
+Read Terry Pratchett's  "Men at Arms", "Eric", "The Reaper" this week. Currently reading "Maskerade". Being sick has its advantages.
+I still love Popomundo. In fact, I'm addicted.
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( Sep. 21st, 2007 04:45 pm)
I hereby declare myself free of the heavy burden of Lenin`s obsession.  I`m finally open to new relationships.
How did I realize that? Well... today I had the chance of chatting with him but he didn`t respond and I didn`t care. And when someone asked me about him and about my relationship status, I responded without hesitation that I was so over him. I`m happy.
(yeah, I know. Until I feel lonely and pick the damn phone again :P)
First, Sorry about not commenting and everything. I've had lots of work...
First, I had to plan a Southern Blot experiment I'm planning to do next week, implying bombarding Wild type and Mutant plants, extracting their DNA this time, blotting it into a membrane, and hybridize that membrane against viral genomes.
Then , to perform the Real time PCR experiments I have been dragging for a semester.
That means lots of efforts because I have to make sure that my controls amplify correctly, that the plasticware and pipettes are completely clean, that my synthesized cDNA is fresh and suitable, etc etc etc.... I'm sick of it.

Other news: The dog's name is Sauron (officially) but everyone names and calls it whatever they want so ... I quit. Name my pet as you wish.

My social life has been as deserted as the sahara. I don't know why but no parties, no bar outings, nothing this month! I NEED PARTY!! I SERIOUSLY need it. I hate to drink alone, and I need a drink.  I want to dance, to flirt, everything that makes a party a real fun one.

Lenin: Ah, a bit better, he's still abroad but he loves me, or at least he says so. I'm trying to keep the love in myself.

Ah, and the sims 2 were back in my life. I'm currently playing myself married to Carlos D. Oh yeah, he's a sim cutie, as his real self. and I'm just gorgeous, the problem is that when his custom made skin combines to make children, the children look simply odd. :P so no cute kids for us.
I'll try to have a new sim family with me and joaquin phoenix. ^^ I expect a better outcome for our kids then xD

Love to everyone.
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( Aug. 1st, 2007 01:23 am)
I'm truly awed.

Lots of things happened but I'm lazy and I'll write about those in separated posts.
First: Deathly Hallows. Mmhm, I wish I could say I liked the book. but I didn't, Not that I loathe it completely but It left me with a void sensation and the epilogue was crappy.

Then: Lenin. I miss him, I miss him deeply. I even called him to literally beg him to return. (yes, and then I put on my dignity and hanged the god damned phone). and he replied me saying that he's already waiting for me there.  -fucking ph d. I cannot wait to end it.

Ph. D. : lazy and slow as a tortoise. a lazy tortoise. you got the point.

Popomundo :My only source of happiness right now. ah, that and [personal profile] milosflaca's fics.

speaking of that I miss her a lot, she's my sister. I chose her  so I think it's more significant.... I know you'll read it, so come and visit me! XDD

ah! and another beloved friend, [profile] lummie, is going to give me a little puppy! Isn't that cute? XD Love puppies, specially the furry ones.

And thanks God Grey's Anatomy's over for this season. I fucking hate that soppy, cheesy show.

see you soon.

EDIT: I WANT A VAT OF VODKA!!! NOW!!!!  (and chips)
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( Jul. 4th, 2007 06:27 pm)
Last 4 days: Sick, feverish and uncomfortable. Mostly unconfortable. Had a kidney infection .... I'm very susceptible to these kind of bugs, since have been 3 times I suffered them in a period of 4 years...
Although I'm not scared of needles, I do not find shots pleasurable at all, and 8 shots I had. 
Does anyone has a non susceptible immune system? I could use one.

Hope that everyone is fine.
Btw I watched Zodiac yesterday. Loved the movie, specially the performances of Downey Jr and Ruffalo. The costumes are incredible. I wish I'd born in the 50's. Jake Gyllenhaal is convincing but nothing remarkable. Mark Ruffalo is a cutie. Sideburns and patterned slacks and all.
I'm going to watch Ratatouille next Friday. :S
AAAAND POTTER NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! yipee!

Oh, and new acquisitions: My usual dosage of romantic chick-flicks: Just like heaven, 13 going on 30 (ruffalo!) and the Holiday (squeee!)
                                                 A scanner darkly (oh, linklater! and Rory Cochrane!), the first and second seasons of CSI Miami (Oh, cochrane love), Howl's moving castle (beautiful and moving), Ghost rider (I've not seen it yet)  and a Mauricio Garces movie I bought for Gina (she's a little bit down now.. love life, you know T_T)

Two weeks and I have not heard anything about Lenin. I miss him. 2 months ago he came back, and left... I miss him deeply.
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( May. 3rd, 2007 03:15 pm)
I've received the happiest news in the whole last 7 months:

Lenin (my exbf/bf/exbf) comes tonight from Franceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *faints*
Love's back on my life :)

LOVE TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^*^

And Now, I'm finishing this RT-PCR experiment for preparation to Real-time PCR.
Wish me luck!
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( May. 2nd, 2007 02:11 am)
Last Saturday I had this wedding of one of my best friends... the one whom I was attached to practically through entire university time. Before leaving to the church, I was waiting for a cab to drive me (because I don't drive and as the church is at downtown traffic was to be huge and it was an overall better idea to take a cab) when my brother came by to bother me (well, that's relative, because love is rough at home and our way to demonstrate it besides kisses and hugs is to hit and kick playfully each other)and I tried to kick him at revenge but... the hem of the dress was very narrow and it prevented me to spread the legs so when I tried to kick him the hem pulled the supporting leg up and I fell down like a sack of flour. I landed on my elbow and then my ribcage touched the earth, and in that process my neck like "ricocheted" the floor. I got up just in time to take the cab, going to the wedding, dance, catching the bouquet (yay! we have this tradition of catching the bouquet to ensure a prompt wedding!!!) and sleep. I woke up next morning, 7 am, sore. My neck hurt like hell. I couldn't turn it around or move it... practically all Sunday I was on bed with a (insert word which meaning is a neck-supportive/immobilizer cloth-covered rigid foam thing)and yesterday I went to the doctor. I hadn't nothing important, but I'm going to shoot some radiographies this week to assure that.
News: Lenin's coming this Friday... so 3 days!!! ^_______________^

Kisses to everyone!

Edit: I don't believe in that silly bouquet-catching legend. it's only that the event gave us a reason to laugh. xD
Today I tried to make Lenin and me, well... our sim versions. :)
aand I'm presenting em here!!
pics here )
hugs to everyone!

Nothing worthy. Tons of work. Boring work......... Committee meeting in a month. *yawns* 

Lenin will be here in 15 days! ^____^ Can't wait.

Boring boring life.....

Oh... and I'm a bit disappointed because my sims are dying without a reason! XDDD
I'm a lousy player,.
Ok, it's MELONI TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all.



I bombarded 350 of my Arabidopsis babies today, three lines, 115 plants per line. That meant 2 hours of preparation (covering gold particles with the different constructs,  tags, transport of the plant trays, etc) and 4 additional shooting hours. I'm wrecked. Samplings will begin tomorrow and they'll finish on Sunday morning, then I'm departing to see [personal profile] milosflaca and [profile] lummie, yipee!
When I return I expect symptoms from every virus-shot plant. :)

Other stuff:
Lenin called me yesterday  from a party, and he was drunk, again (tell me something new :S) . I'm fearing he's drinking a bit too much. (5 days a week that's what I call an excess) He told me that in France is very common  and that they are allowed to drink everywhere, even in the laboratories, and I'm reluctant to believe so. For me, that's nostalgia mixed with beer and self-abandon and lab stress. And, again, the old story about sharing his life with me and blah blah blah... I hate that he never tells me he can't live without me when sober. Or maybe he tells me but a lot less adamant and vehement.

and... I discovered a bunch of new freckles on my skin. I'm depressed. I hate sun.

Ok, hugs to everyone. Or kisses. choose yourself, I'm generous xD. :P
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( Mar. 18th, 2007 02:15 am)
now i'm a bit drunk and happy and everything.
thankyou thankyou vodka-tonic  yipeeeeee!
I LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
i want sex, I doubt I can wait until may when Lenin returns from France.......or until Little Sin realizes that fucking me is a great idea.... I think i'm going to go hunting one of this days.
and kisses

(for now, I'm just afraid of tomorrow's hangover)
No comments. NO COMMENTS! T_________________T
Lenin, come back!  (Or Little Sin, love me now!!!, whatever) xD

My  drama in a  comic strip

You know, a week ago, I called him and he was drunk in the middle of a party, and then he called me the next day, and for me it was like 6 am, on SUNDAY! I hate time shifts.
So, goodbye everyone. I'm going to throw myself to a river. or a sewer. :S
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 04:13 pm)
So then
Today I was supposed to have a committee meeting and well, since my tutor is the Headmaster of our institution, and is popular, he has lots of important visitors. Today wasn't the exception, and his secretary called me and bluntly told me to reschedule the whole meeting thing because tomorrow the National Secretary of Agriculture himself was due to come, and had sent a bunch of his minions to set up properly all the logistics, and of course, see my boss. Me? a student? Do I even exist? hell no.
I had to swallow my bile because to reschedule means to travel from professor to professor expecting and asking for a suitable date. :S and smile even if they blame you about the cancellation,  because You had the responsibility of predict your boss' agenda and everything...
hate you, system!

Lenin contacted me yesterday because of Valentine's day. It's an improvement, you know? xD I didn't know what to think. So birthdays and commercial dates are shallow and frivolous or not? So you love me or not? So what? I'm a bit confused.  I want chocolate. I want to dance. I want.

And finally, to wish luck to[info]lummie because of her predoctoral exam, to [personal profile] milosflaca in her work issues... and to everybody !
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( Feb. 7th, 2007 02:06 pm)
Bueno, al parecer todo fue un malentendido. (ja! bueno, eso quiero  creer) so, engagement's over.
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( Nov. 30th, 2006 05:21 pm)

and then a little bit of story telling:

Yesterday:  Cinvestav Basketball tournament. XD So funny, but I wanted some violence. not a single blow xD
Today: We'll watch Chivas-America soccer match. The classic. The *one* match. me, of course, supporting Chivas. Since I was born xD

Work's fine. Colonies all the way, and 2 clonings finished.

No more for today. Little boring life ain't it?
I'm very  sad, outraged and disappointed because Lenin did not remember my birthday yesterday. :( Very very sad and in fact, I don't want to be anywhere nor doing anything nor seeing anybody.  I never thought that could happen. That's the signal to move on.... really. and then he thinks that everything's my fault for giving importance to such frivolous and shallow events. So maybe it's time to get a new guy. just out of rage? I don't know.....

and the fill in format is

here )



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