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( May. 3rd, 2007 03:15 pm)
I've received the happiest news in the whole last 7 months:

Lenin (my exbf/bf/exbf) comes tonight from Franceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *faints*
Love's back on my life :)

LOVE TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^*^

And Now, I'm finishing this RT-PCR experiment for preparation to Real-time PCR.
Wish me luck!
Today I tried to make Lenin and me, well... our sim versions. :)
aand I'm presenting em here!!
pics here )
hugs to everyone!
I haven't grabbed a needle in a month. I am out of inspiration ...  that and the fact that the canvas is dark blue and my eyes hurt after an hour. :S
but... I promise next month I'll retake it. It's worthy, is a large angel dressed in plum and dark purple, and all the angel has at this point is her two wings. :P

I miss Little Sin. It's been a week since I saw him the last time. Hope he's fine, even if his disappearance is due his rampant romance... 

I'm having this strange gynecological (or whatever the spelling is) phenomenon: I'm ovulating every week, since February. 4 times with this, and my period is delayed by a month. and if Lenin was here I'd be frantic and hysterical thinking about a pregnancy, but fortunately this is not the case. Anyway,  tomorrow I'll go to the specialist to determine if I'm having an hormonal distress Edit: disorder (MY ENGLISH SuCKS) or a tumor or something... I'm frightened.
And a question: If you're ovulating, you cannot possibly be pregnant, right??????

labstuff: the usual. Waiting for a new sampling, tomorrow. :)

I'd wish it was Sunday already. (but I have to finish two drawings I promised [personal profile] milosflaca I'll show to her... so I'd go finish them, I think)

Good night to you all. Be happy :) and wish me luck with the gynecologist.
I bombarded 350 of my Arabidopsis babies today, three lines, 115 plants per line. That meant 2 hours of preparation (covering gold particles with the different constructs,  tags, transport of the plant trays, etc) and 4 additional shooting hours. I'm wrecked. Samplings will begin tomorrow and they'll finish on Sunday morning, then I'm departing to see [personal profile] milosflaca and [profile] lummie, yipee!
When I return I expect symptoms from every virus-shot plant. :)

Other stuff:
Lenin called me yesterday  from a party, and he was drunk, again (tell me something new :S) . I'm fearing he's drinking a bit too much. (5 days a week that's what I call an excess) He told me that in France is very common  and that they are allowed to drink everywhere, even in the laboratories, and I'm reluctant to believe so. For me, that's nostalgia mixed with beer and self-abandon and lab stress. And, again, the old story about sharing his life with me and blah blah blah... I hate that he never tells me he can't live without me when sober. Or maybe he tells me but a lot less adamant and vehement.

and... I discovered a bunch of new freckles on my skin. I'm depressed. I hate sun.

Ok, hugs to everyone. Or kisses. choose yourself, I'm generous xD. :P
No comments. NO COMMENTS! T_________________T
Lenin, come back!  (Or Little Sin, love me now!!!, whatever) xD

My  drama in a  comic strip

You know, a week ago, I called him and he was drunk in the middle of a party, and then he called me the next day, and for me it was like 6 am, on SUNDAY! I hate time shifts.
So, goodbye everyone. I'm going to throw myself to a river. or a sewer. :S
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( Nov. 30th, 2006 06:13 pm)
from [personal profile] lilibel ^______^


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