Yes, for those who find solace and soothingness on curvy, lean, firm, scantily clad men dancing  in front of their eyes, it will be an occasion.
Me, for instance.
One of my lab friends is going to get married in March, and well, the bachelorette party was scheduled, according to society's customs. At home, today. (you know that my house is assumed to be the official party spot :S) So I have to suffer that burden. pity me!  XD
We've planned a few, raunchy games... but if you know a game, please let me know ^________^

Photos in my msn space, in two days. (because tomorrow I'll probably be shuffling around, hangover-ish)

and, my new hit! (Soundtrack of my life, part 3)

That song makes me cry about certain lad I let escape years ago, and now, I can associate it with my little Sin!!! T__________T

So, that's all. Love to everyone! ^*^
Interpol - Slow Hands

I can't believe I did not pay attention to the entire song. I used to love the tune and hum it but now I can savor it.

Passing to different matters, since the beginning of the week we contracted a cable service (I have not had cable since september) and only until yesterday the two guys from the company gave us the privilege of their presence. The installation was slow and messy and guess what? they forgot the key to the filter used to block cable signal from internet signal (which we already had) so we had to wait until today (I wonder if they even went to my house by now since I'm trapped here) to have the freaking signal. Grr. I swear if I have to see another episode of "Montecristo" (A soap opera, a very cheesy and pretentious one) I'm going to crack. I need SVU!! I need House, M.D., I need Cartoon network!! bwahahah

Today is party day!!! I missed that! =DDD


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