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( Feb. 24th, 2007 04:27 pm)
I just saw Moby's 18 DVD.
It's awesome!
highly recommendable, lot's of b-sides and a very very enjoyable concert, superb musicians and a powerful singer.
I still think the man's a genius.

In other events, last night party was the wildest in months.  In fact, I had to change my clothes because they were soaked in sweat and beverages :S
and this morning I had to submerge my little cute feet in hot water because heels straps carved little grooves in my feet and my calves are bruised from dancing. (Please, look at your feet eventually when you're drunk and dancing ska, because they tend to be the stepping floor for other members of the concurrence)
I had fun, and given this week was full of if not sad, disappointing events, this was the perfect opportunity to sweat and ooze and let explode all the canned heat and stress and fear and rage I was keeping to myself.
I remembered how madly I loved to dance.
It was a confessions night, also. My best male friend and I had a talk we should have like 5 years ago. About a bitter experience we had back in those days, and everything came out straight and we made peace with that little part of our brains that claimed revenge  =)

ok, time's over. I'm out to see The Holiday (yes, in my little third world town, that movie just appeared in our billboards)
yahoo! =)

Last week, Susana, a friend, came to our home as usually to smoke a cigarette and have some juicy gossip. When we were talking, Nidia brought out a piece of cross stitching she's doing, as we were watching in awe. Then she showed us assorted things she made, and her magazines, and everything, and we decided that every Thursday, while watching TV and  chatting, and conscious that we should make those hours productive besides gossip swapping, we will cross-stitch, under the strict, stony gaze of Nidia, our needle guru. And that those events should be crowned with pastries, or crepes, or anything sweet. xD

So Let the embroidery begin!

Other events: Babel won a golden globe... I don't know what to believe in now. :S
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( Jan. 14th, 2007 11:12 pm)
I swear I'm not a chauvinistic mexican but damn! What a movie! It maintained me in the border of the seat all its length.
Thrilling, not completely realistic but intelligently made, socially committed (it seems so) and depressing. =D Loved it.
I wonder if Dr. Simi would make the equivalent of the Quietus kit. Maybe the "alternative version" indeed causes unbearable pain, but since they would not receive complaints, hehehehe. Bad and tasteless joke, I know. xP

Have to go. To get ready for another week of glory and work .


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