After an uneventful weekend, today was a very busy day. I bombarded a tray of plants, to assess if infection is developed faster in a certain mutant I'm working on. :D
Then, I had to empty 6 trays of old, dessicated  plants that I was postponing, and were abandoned in a corner of my growth chamber. It was a messy job. Then I went to the greenhouse, asked for two bags of fresh Arabidopsis mix and prepared it, and then refilled the previously cleaned trays. :S Tomorrow I'll be sowing the little brats from solid Agar MS medium to soil, and preparing the bombardment of two more trays. :D I expect this to be one of the final steps of experimentation.

Went to see The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. Surprisingly, it pleased me. I'm not a Damon fan, he seems a little slow to me, but I actually liked the movie and his acting as the hero.

Last week saw Knocked Up. Soooo funny! And the main character is so cute! Seth Rogen is his name, I think... well, a bit in the "dirty" side, but still... I liked him. *winks* So I bought The 40 Year Virgin, just for seeing the man again xD.

It's raining heavily right now... and it has been like that all this week. I have to do my laundry, and the indoor clotheslines look awful. Suggestions? (I don't have a dryer :P)

Ah, and now a  song that fits painfully well to my current situation. *headdesks*

I just hate men. 
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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 03:25 pm)
My labmates and me went karaoke last night.
My throat is sore and I have a fairly decent hangover. XD

Sang: Summer Nights (olivia newton john and john travolta) to remember good old times when my lab made a viral-theme parody of Grease
           Toxic (Britney Spears) because it's the only BS song I truly enjoy
           You're Beautiful (James Blunt) to annoy the entire audience, already sick of hearing that song xD

Went to see The Simpsons Movie. Verdict: Funny, very funny. Not worthy to see it in theaters. Rent it.

Oh! and I changed my cell phone. no more it is a benq z2 (silly square, a very unpractical purchase) but a very much more reliable Sony Ericsson W200. I don't need more in a phone. I'm happy.
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( Aug. 1st, 2007 05:20 pm)
Last week we went to Guanajuato Short Film festival. Tim Burton was there. Wasn't impressive, but he's a nice bloke.  Indeed, I wanted to see Helena Bonham Carter, (My dear Marla Singer from my favorite movie, and incidentally, Bellatrix Lestrange) but she didn't show up. 

Received my grades and commentaries from my seminar. Aww. I passed, but the comments were harsh and it seems I have to work really harder to attain graduation.

It's boiling hot here. 35ºC. *fans herself with an article*

Have a lot of writing to do.

But the good news is that today I'm going to see The Simpsons Movie.  I love them all... but I'm afraid they run out of gags and imagination after 18 years. we'll see.

aah, and I don't love or fantasize about Little Sin. My psyche is recovering.

Love, hugs and vodka to you all.
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( Jul. 7th, 2007 05:29 pm)
hey, I'm made of flesh.
I agreed yesterday to get out for drinks and dance at a local club, with Gina and Nidia (Roommates) and four of our workmates. I (a local band performed 80's hits and I have to say the bassist was HOT! nice long, dark hair and white skin. Big eyes. tall. mmm) It turned terrible because I've been taking antibiotics and even if I asked for a non-alcoholic Piña Colada, the stupid waiter brought mine with BACARDI (EEEWWWWW) and as I was all that thirsty, I gulped it down at once. The antibiotic reacted and suddenly I was all sweaty and red, and well, my kidneys didn't take that as good, because they protested. Painfully. I got home like 1:30 am and drank like 2 liters of water to clean my mess.
Now I'm going to see ratatouille. and will drink just water. no chemicals added.
Kisses to everyone.

PS. Popomundo is teh love!

Edit: Ratatouille is a very, very beautiful, touching and funny movie. Go see it.
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( Jul. 4th, 2007 06:27 pm)
Last 4 days: Sick, feverish and uncomfortable. Mostly unconfortable. Had a kidney infection .... I'm very susceptible to these kind of bugs, since have been 3 times I suffered them in a period of 4 years...
Although I'm not scared of needles, I do not find shots pleasurable at all, and 8 shots I had. 
Does anyone has a non susceptible immune system? I could use one.

Hope that everyone is fine.
Btw I watched Zodiac yesterday. Loved the movie, specially the performances of Downey Jr and Ruffalo. The costumes are incredible. I wish I'd born in the 50's. Jake Gyllenhaal is convincing but nothing remarkable. Mark Ruffalo is a cutie. Sideburns and patterned slacks and all.
I'm going to watch Ratatouille next Friday. :S
AAAAND POTTER NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! yipee!

Oh, and new acquisitions: My usual dosage of romantic chick-flicks: Just like heaven, 13 going on 30 (ruffalo!) and the Holiday (squeee!)
                                                 A scanner darkly (oh, linklater! and Rory Cochrane!), the first and second seasons of CSI Miami (Oh, cochrane love), Howl's moving castle (beautiful and moving), Ghost rider (I've not seen it yet)  and a Mauricio Garces movie I bought for Gina (she's a little bit down now.. love life, you know T_T)

Two weeks and I have not heard anything about Lenin. I miss him. 2 months ago he came back, and left... I miss him deeply.
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( Jun. 29th, 2007 12:28 am)
As usually, my life is just drifting with no destination. Well, I have one destination and everything but it's becoming painfully farther and farther away.
I'm fighting the depression, I'm actually winning because these last days I actually wanted to get up and work hard, and  to enjoy things like a  cigarette or going to the movies or parties, the latter I was avoiding because of self-loathing and all.
Last Friday: Party. Enjoyed. HAd fun. Had vodka... lots of vodka. Shameful but liberating.
Went to see this summer's blockbusters, you know, Shrek, POTC, Spiderman and fantastic four. The last one is crap. Man! Jessica alba maybe is the hottest girl in the continent (myself, I disagree) but is a rather dreadful actress. I think any crappy actress from here's soaps could fake her death better than her. And the blue  contacts!!! Her pupils were uneven and lopsided! Hey, SFX unit! Could you add or modify some pixels from the close-up takes? XD
Blades of Glory made me laugh. But Fantastic four was a more generous source of laughs.
Work is sort of on standby, I'm waiting the little plant brats to grow.

Love to you all.
(Watching Miami Ink,  and suddenly I have a great interest in a tattoo. Maybe.)


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