yahoo! =)

Last week, Susana, a friend, came to our home as usually to smoke a cigarette and have some juicy gossip. When we were talking, Nidia brought out a piece of cross stitching she's doing, as we were watching in awe. Then she showed us assorted things she made, and her magazines, and everything, and we decided that every Thursday, while watching TV and  chatting, and conscious that we should make those hours productive besides gossip swapping, we will cross-stitch, under the strict, stony gaze of Nidia, our needle guru. And that those events should be crowned with pastries, or crepes, or anything sweet. xD

So Let the embroidery begin!

Other events: Babel won a golden globe... I don't know what to believe in now. :S
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( Jan. 10th, 2007 04:10 pm)
Click Here!

and place yourself and/or a friend on the dance floor!


Other events:
I watched The Orkly kid yesterday! :)

Crispin Glover is sexy as hell. Even wearing a long, blonde wig. Even with baby fat in his cheeks. Even with all those silly giggles. The short movie wasn't bad, either xD

Work: fine
Weight: Put up 2 lbs over Xmas
Lovelife: As boring as it was since September

love you lot!


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