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( Apr. 7th, 2008 06:43 pm)
I was most satisfied because my kids (alumni) are amazing. For being 16-18 yr old kids, they have a great communication with me and we hang out even out of the classroom. That has to be due that I have a teenager soul. XD
Today I taught evolution. I hope I soaked their spongy minds with Dobzhansky, Darwin, and everyone else. They have to get away from creationists.

I started to play sims again. I feel complete and relaxed.

Pics soon.

Love to you all
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( Aug. 21st, 2007 03:22 pm)
first, the promised Little Sauron's pic

Next: The simCarlos pics:

nothing else worthy...
[profile] enchanted_black 's Carlos will be my next husband xDDD
Today I tried to make Lenin and me, well... our sim versions. :)
aand I'm presenting em here!!
pics here )
hugs to everyone!
Hum.... I like Sims. Excessively. I work, come home and play, sleep a little, get up, work, and play and it's becoming a vicious cycle.
What I hated yesterday was that after 3 hours of playing, and btw reaching a variety of goals and aspirations that maintained my sim happy and eager to live, the stupid machine stuck on standby and after half an hour I had to reboot it. :S arf. well... that and when winter comes to the neighborhood, the stupid snow is a bunch of blue pixels. :S. That has to be a sign from God that commands me to stop playing and do something worthy with my time. But I'm tired of mounting samples on slides! I swear!
Today: Party!!! At Barbara's. Not planning to get drunk. just talk with friends, dance and gossip a little.
*goes to comment on Friend List*

Love you lot! ^____^


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