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( Apr. 7th, 2008 06:43 pm)
I was most satisfied because my kids (alumni) are amazing. For being 16-18 yr old kids, they have a great communication with me and we hang out even out of the classroom. That has to be due that I have a teenager soul. XD
Today I taught evolution. I hope I soaked their spongy minds with Dobzhansky, Darwin, and everyone else. They have to get away from creationists.

I started to play sims again. I feel complete and relaxed.

Pics soon.

Love to you all
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( Apr. 2nd, 2008 11:40 am)
I'm fucking back.
I'm currently in the middle of writing something from my thesis and I cannot get inspiration.
Oh, I so wish to have some vacations or something distracting.
or to have money to go movie shopping....

No news, boys and girls... boring life.  I'm expecting some more action on Christmas. :P

hugs to you all.
you got the idea. I'm sick in bed. I can barely speak.

So if anybody wants to chat with me, I'm marchatorium at hotmain dot com in msn messenger or marchitez in AIM.

+finished (AT LAST!) my tree ornaments. Twisted wire and sequins and beads, and glowy balls I made myself. tons of ribbon. Will take a pic and post it. xD I'm so proud. I made like 70 orbs, 180 twisted wire ornaments, 70 bows,  25 faux glass canes, and bought lots of decorations. I'm a good daughter.
+Finished decorating my nativity set. (A mexican traditional one, with moss and real plants and clay figurines, etc).
+no lab work at all.
+A freelance job at cinvestav in preparation.
+Lenin is LOST in the INFINITe. Not heard of him since like ages ago.
+Little Sin is gradually been forgotten.
+Sauron is CUTE AND ADORABLE and obbeys me. he sleeps in my belly. Aww.
+I miss my music.
+Read Terry Pratchett's  "Men at Arms", "Eric", "The Reaper" this week. Currently reading "Maskerade". Being sick has its advantages.
+I still love Popomundo. In fact, I'm addicted.
My friends list grew up these last days.
Welcome girls!

I probably wont be a daily basis commentator but I'll try my best. :D

Other events: A week without Little Sin.  I miss him! well... I'm sort of forgetting about him but anyway his sight is eye candy to me.
                         Sauron is fine. Had a stomach infection last week and fell ill seriously bad but he's ok now. What I didn't like from the vet is that  he cut his hair even if we didn't ask him to. now he looks skinny and distressed. I like bushy dogs.
                        Mom rocks. MAde me a Black Forest cake. Yummy it was. xD
                        I'm at lab now. Working. Pray for my RT-PCR experiments, please.
                        Received Harry Potter and the OTP DVD and Shrek the Third DVD... Thanks to my aunt :D
                        And that's all.!  Boring huh?

Lots of hugs to you all.
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( Nov. 19th, 2007 04:04 pm)
Friday: Karaoke. Sang three songs. Britney Spears' Toxic, My hips don't Lie (Shakira) (Yeah, I'm hearing you. I DO hate her, but it was like a purification fire), and one from Selena. I was seriously drunk (thanks to all my fellas who told the barman it was my bday and he made me drink a strange alcoholic concoction that left me unable to respond to stimuli), and happy, because all who came were people I do care for dearly and because I have demonstrated I'm a civilized girl *evil grin*. My best friend Luisito didn't attend because A) he doesn't care about me anymore and B) he had a bad, bad cold. Nearly everyone sang something, even [profile] ldalcaraz sang a local stripper club hymn. It came out dreadful  xD.

+ Harry Potter Scene It! (from Gina and Nidia, my ex-roommates and beloved friends from all that long phd. way)
+ Gift certificates from MixUP(CdStores) from Vere and Betty, two labmates and friends.
   I got from these:  Stranger than Fiction
                                   Little Miss Sunshine
                                   Mars Attacks!
                                   The Meaning of Life.
                                   (I was looking for Kevin Smith's films but they're not available here)
+A very fancy brush set from Ilenia, a labmate
+My cell phone account paid by my dad xD
+two skirts from mom
+a HUGE and LONG pillow from my bro and his wife
+This paid account! from [personal profile] milosflaca
+Sauron (My dog) and a Scene It! from [profile] lummie
+Lots of love from everyone

Final balance: I'm very happy.

Ah, and a final comment. Lenin forgot about my birthday again. :S.... But well.. I almost was certain about that.

LITTLE SIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_______________T
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( Nov. 11th, 2007 12:20 am)
I'm not dead!
I declare hereby that nothing will defeat me, :)

even if money happens to be the enemy!


I'll be celebrating my 29 yrs. in a week. That's funny. The verge of maturity and broke.

Love and care to you all.

Some quick facts:
Still in the struggle for PhD results
Still in the struggle for love
Still in the struggle for adapting to family life
Still in the struggle for obtaining a new PC
Still in the struggle for keeping my friends close.
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( Oct. 10th, 2007 11:43 am)
everything's fine. Things going on the same way.
Picked up the phone to call lenin. no romance, I'm calm.we're still friends, anyway.
Living with my parents is not so bad...
Love to you all.

Sorry about not commenting and all but I have no PC but in the lab. But I'll try to keep reading you...

I so miss my LJ.
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( Sep. 21st, 2007 04:45 pm)
I hereby declare myself free of the heavy burden of Lenin`s obsession.  I`m finally open to new relationships.
How did I realize that? Well... today I had the chance of chatting with him but he didn`t respond and I didn`t care. And when someone asked me about him and about my relationship status, I responded without hesitation that I was so over him. I`m happy.
(yeah, I know. Until I feel lonely and pick the damn phone again :P)

The Communist Party!!! (I saw it in another journal, I don't remember which one) It made me laugh for hours! The fact that my exbf is called Lenin and everything contributed much to the hilarious value of the joke xD
The original lenin seems sooo cool in this picture! X)
hugs for everyone!
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( Sep. 15th, 2007 07:08 pm)
First of all, Outfit A won. But replaced the military boots with the black pumps. The boots were here at mom's.  People (and male people, that counts double!) told me I was gorgeous. :D (evil grin) so I fulfilled my objective.
Danced a lot, drunk a lot... a quarter of an Absolut Raspberry vodka with apple juice. yummy! (well, for me, a quarter of a bottle means like Alcoholic Congestion, I swear). And there were generous amounts of mexican food and desserts ^____^ (the party was a Mexican  Independence celebration)
Then I was talking with assorted people, about assorted topics, being them my possible postdoctoral position, Lenin (my exbf, not the historical figure), Little Sin and how unadvisable is for me to love him, Lenin again, saucy jokes, hysterical and violent life stories sparkled with obscene language and loud voice,  etc etc etc... nice, fun party.
My best friend was still behaving cold. :S I miss him in his true self.

now, I was tagged by [profile] enchanted_black :)

Seven quirky facts about myself:

I had posted some of this facts some time ago, so I may sound repetitive XD
1) Very few moles. just a bunch of freckles over my nose.
2) Hate female singing voices. for real.
3) I love my men with a little meat put on, a  bit chubby. or at least not skinny.
4) When meeting a guy, I check first his nose. If I like the nose, everything's ok.
5) I have an ability to imitate voices. and to sing in high and low  tones without effort. (but my voice is dreadful)
6) I can' be quiet when closet , cabinet, or any kind of door is open. I have to stand up and close them.
7) I have hypoglucemia. I carry candy in my purse everytime.
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( Sep. 13th, 2007 02:16 pm)
Partyyyy! Tomorrow! Yipee!

*pouts* Now, what am I going to wear??? I have nothing to wear... I'd like to do a magical entrance, be gorgeous and stuff....

A) Black skirt, white wrap-on shirt, military boots
B) Khakis, a light t-shirt, boots
C) Nice jeans, formal blouse, high-heels. (all in brown)
D) Track suit
E) Beige skirt, black blouse, black pumps.

Thanks for your opinions! :D
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( Sep. 11th, 2007 03:49 pm)
Nothing is better than feeling you're the one is not giving up, or pleading. No one loves me as myself. I'll not take the first step. Never.
It's just that I'm sick of apologize for everything because I feel so unworthy or undesired. And I'm tired of being the one looking for social contact. But no more. i'll stand like a pillar, I promise. And not because of revenge, just because it is time to begin loving me more than I do with everyone. Even if I'll miss them....
After an uneventful weekend, today was a very busy day. I bombarded a tray of plants, to assess if infection is developed faster in a certain mutant I'm working on. :D
Then, I had to empty 6 trays of old, dessicated  plants that I was postponing, and were abandoned in a corner of my growth chamber. It was a messy job. Then I went to the greenhouse, asked for two bags of fresh Arabidopsis mix and prepared it, and then refilled the previously cleaned trays. :S Tomorrow I'll be sowing the little brats from solid Agar MS medium to soil, and preparing the bombardment of two more trays. :D I expect this to be one of the final steps of experimentation.

Went to see The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. Surprisingly, it pleased me. I'm not a Damon fan, he seems a little slow to me, but I actually liked the movie and his acting as the hero.

Last week saw Knocked Up. Soooo funny! And the main character is so cute! Seth Rogen is his name, I think... well, a bit in the "dirty" side, but still... I liked him. *winks* So I bought The 40 Year Virgin, just for seeing the man again xD.

It's raining heavily right now... and it has been like that all this week. I have to do my laundry, and the indoor clotheslines look awful. Suggestions? (I don't have a dryer :P)

Ah, and now a  song that fits painfully well to my current situation. *headdesks*

I just hate men. 
Well... this week hasn't been precisely the most productive, happy, or blissful. No. First, my laptop suffered from a short circuit that damaged the connection between the motherboard and the display, so it keeps beeping loudly and the screen is dead. I don't know what to do, because I am supposed to have a warranty but since the laptop was purchased in the USA and I'm in Mexico, It will be a little bit difficult to make it valid. Aaand I don't know about a place at which they could repair my motherboard or something... Then, I'll be posting more scarcely than usual, but I'll be reading all posts, anyway... I wasn't commenting a lot because I don't have access to a PC right now.. (I'm at lab, using the common iMac) but I'll be reading you. :D Social life: Not big news. In fact, I don't have news. Boring life, since a year ago. (Oh, Lenin has been abroad for a year and I realized that until now. :P) I hope to go dancing tomorrow. Anyone wants to go with me? XD Ah, and the woooorst of my news: I had to format the laptop and I lost all my sims games.... T_T and at lab: results are appearing as slowly as snails. but they're appearing actually, yay. Hugs to everyone.
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( Aug. 26th, 2007 07:22 pm)
Wonderful weekend.

I mean it... woooonderful. :D

Hope yours been the same

*blows kisses*
First, Sorry about not commenting and everything. I've had lots of work...
First, I had to plan a Southern Blot experiment I'm planning to do next week, implying bombarding Wild type and Mutant plants, extracting their DNA this time, blotting it into a membrane, and hybridize that membrane against viral genomes.
Then , to perform the Real time PCR experiments I have been dragging for a semester.
That means lots of efforts because I have to make sure that my controls amplify correctly, that the plasticware and pipettes are completely clean, that my synthesized cDNA is fresh and suitable, etc etc etc.... I'm sick of it.

Other news: The dog's name is Sauron (officially) but everyone names and calls it whatever they want so ... I quit. Name my pet as you wish.

My social life has been as deserted as the sahara. I don't know why but no parties, no bar outings, nothing this month! I NEED PARTY!! I SERIOUSLY need it. I hate to drink alone, and I need a drink.  I want to dance, to flirt, everything that makes a party a real fun one.

Lenin: Ah, a bit better, he's still abroad but he loves me, or at least he says so. I'm trying to keep the love in myself.

Ah, and the sims 2 were back in my life. I'm currently playing myself married to Carlos D. Oh yeah, he's a sim cutie, as his real self. and I'm just gorgeous, the problem is that when his custom made skin combines to make children, the children look simply odd. :P so no cute kids for us.
I'll try to have a new sim family with me and joaquin phoenix. ^^ I expect a better outcome for our kids then xD

Love to everyone.
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( Aug. 1st, 2007 01:23 am)
I'm truly awed.

Lots of things happened but I'm lazy and I'll write about those in separated posts.
First: Deathly Hallows. Mmhm, I wish I could say I liked the book. but I didn't, Not that I loathe it completely but It left me with a void sensation and the epilogue was crappy.

Then: Lenin. I miss him, I miss him deeply. I even called him to literally beg him to return. (yes, and then I put on my dignity and hanged the god damned phone). and he replied me saying that he's already waiting for me there.  -fucking ph d. I cannot wait to end it.

Ph. D. : lazy and slow as a tortoise. a lazy tortoise. you got the point.

Popomundo :My only source of happiness right now. ah, that and [personal profile] milosflaca's fics.

speaking of that I miss her a lot, she's my sister. I chose her  so I think it's more significant.... I know you'll read it, so come and visit me! XDD

ah! and another beloved friend, [profile] lummie, is going to give me a little puppy! Isn't that cute? XD Love puppies, specially the furry ones.

And thanks God Grey's Anatomy's over for this season. I fucking hate that soppy, cheesy show.

see you soon.

EDIT: I WANT A VAT OF VODKA!!! NOW!!!!  (and chips)
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( Jul. 5th, 2007 06:41 pm)
i'm burning.
I got up until 6 pm today. I wasn't able to move, my bones ached incredibly.......

I have to work, for God sake!
Stupid bugs. stupid Ph.D. Stupid everything. I want my mommy. or Lenin. Or Little Sin.  in fact, I want a hug and attentions, T______T

I'm going to try this popomundo thing as [profile] ghaidin  suggested me.  but later, I barely can move my fingers.
kisses to everyone.

finally, a meme, stolen from [personal profile] milosflaca

today, as this week was the most boring I had since when I was living with my parents.... I'll detail a bit what's been happening in the lab. He, he. At least, I will not be the only bored kid here. XDDDDD
The process is narrated here. Warning: Big pics. )

And that's all. XD
nothing else to say.
Lenin's coming!!! *evil, naughty laughter*

Happy Birthday, Crispin Glover!!! ^_________________^


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