Louisville Dating

That was more a Beverage basic culture trivia than a proof of expertise in the drinking habits... :P
I have at least 3 weeks sober! XD and before that, two months! so...
marchatorium: Yummy! (cochranewtf)
( Mar. 23rd, 2007 01:37 am)
can't sleep.
I feel like the Narrator from Fight Club. I'm not asleep nor awake.

I'd try to have some pills, but I think vodka is going to be the remedy.......yes, smooth absolut, mixed with cranberry juice and a cigarette...
(and I was criticizing lenin's attitude towards alcohol... blah. I'd have just a glass... to induce sleep...) I'm not a candidate for Betty Ford, (oceanica, en mexico) for heaven's sake. I get drunk once or twice in a month... and my tolerance is so low I cannot stand more than about 30 ml of vodka. or a beer... (hate beer :P) or a shot of tequila. so...

ok enough babbling.

good night everyone.  kisses.


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