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( Apr. 17th, 2007 10:05 pm)
WTF???? OLIVIA'S BROTHER????????????????

Please, hire new screenwriters!!!!!!!!  It's becoming a cheap soap opera! :S

So what's next? Transsexual Casey? Illegal Alien Huang? (ideas courtesy of [personal profile] luxshine)
Well,  last Monday I woke up with mild fever, and a strange pain in my bones... I let that pass, and I stayed in bed without medication. "It will be ok", I thought, and ... I was wrong, Tuesday morning I was burning! sweating, an unbearable pain in my bones and drained of strength,   I could not wake up until noon, when fever was so uncomfortable I had to look in the kitchen counter (where we store our medicines) if there was an antipyretic, I took two tylenols and one ibuprofen to lower the fever. I took cefalexin because a fever plus bone soreness equals an infection, and I didn't want to wait to until having a septycemia to combat the freaking bugs. (in case they were bacteria, of course) Luckily, they were, and today I woke up as a new person. Of course I shall not forget to complete my cefalexin treatment, I know about the bacteria antibiotic resistance by negligence issues :)
And that resumes the first two days of my week. it seems like a nice, nice week, uh? T________T because I didn't eat much because of the weakness, and now I have heartburns and nausea :S

Anyway, I expect it doesn't end as it started.
Hugs to everyone.



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