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Birthdate:Nov 16
Me. Hell of a mystery, but a charming one.
Ask and you'll be rewarded, no regrets.

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agrobacterium, alternative rock, anti-boyband, anti-britney, anti-pop music, antibodies, arctic monkeys, arrogant men, art cinema, beck, big nosed men, black haired men, botanics, camus, carlos d, carlos dengler, celaya, cell cycle, chillout, chocolate, christopher meloni, cillian murphy, classical music, cloning, coca-cola light, crispin glover, cumbia, death cab for cutie, death in vegas, dna, egocitic men, electronica, emule, esotsm, experimental rock, fanfiction, forensics, franz ferdinand, gadgets, geminivirus, genetic engineering, genetics, gerard way, gore, goth men, gourmet cuisine, groove armada, gus expression, gus staining, half-blood prince, hanamichi sakuragi, harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, hermann hesse, het fiction, hisashi mitsui, immunolocalization, independent movies, indie, interpol, interpol sims, joaquin phoenix, kaiser chiefs, korn, krautrock, long haired men, lounge, male biologists, male models, marchatorium, marlboro menthol, mirwais, moby, mutants, nobunaga kiyota, pcr, philology, plant biology, plant molecular biology, plant virology, plants, plasmids, popmundo, poppy z brite, porn, radiohead, real time pcr, running, science, serial killers, serial murderers, severus snape, sex, slam dunk, sleeping, smoking, snow patrol, soccer, soundtracks, spanish language, splatter, technology, terry pratchett, the decemberists, the flaming lips, the hives, the killers, the strokes, the vines, thin man, thomas harris, tonks, true crime books, virology, we are scientists, white stripes, white-skinned men, willard
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