After an uneventful weekend, today was a very busy day. I bombarded a tray of plants, to assess if infection is developed faster in a certain mutant I'm working on. :D
Then, I had to empty 6 trays of old, dessicated  plants that I was postponing, and were abandoned in a corner of my growth chamber. It was a messy job. Then I went to the greenhouse, asked for two bags of fresh Arabidopsis mix and prepared it, and then refilled the previously cleaned trays. :S Tomorrow I'll be sowing the little brats from solid Agar MS medium to soil, and preparing the bombardment of two more trays. :D I expect this to be one of the final steps of experimentation.

Went to see The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. Surprisingly, it pleased me. I'm not a Damon fan, he seems a little slow to me, but I actually liked the movie and his acting as the hero.

Last week saw Knocked Up. Soooo funny! And the main character is so cute! Seth Rogen is his name, I think... well, a bit in the "dirty" side, but still... I liked him. *winks* So I bought The 40 Year Virgin, just for seeing the man again xD.

It's raining heavily right now... and it has been like that all this week. I have to do my laundry, and the indoor clotheslines look awful. Suggestions? (I don't have a dryer :P)

Ah, and now a  song that fits painfully well to my current situation. *headdesks*

I just hate men. 
Well... this week hasn't been precisely the most productive, happy, or blissful. No. First, my laptop suffered from a short circuit that damaged the connection between the motherboard and the display, so it keeps beeping loudly and the screen is dead. I don't know what to do, because I am supposed to have a warranty but since the laptop was purchased in the USA and I'm in Mexico, It will be a little bit difficult to make it valid. Aaand I don't know about a place at which they could repair my motherboard or something... Then, I'll be posting more scarcely than usual, but I'll be reading all posts, anyway... I wasn't commenting a lot because I don't have access to a PC right now.. (I'm at lab, using the common iMac) but I'll be reading you. :D Social life: Not big news. In fact, I don't have news. Boring life, since a year ago. (Oh, Lenin has been abroad for a year and I realized that until now. :P) I hope to go dancing tomorrow. Anyone wants to go with me? XD Ah, and the woooorst of my news: I had to format the laptop and I lost all my sims games.... T_T and at lab: results are appearing as slowly as snails. but they're appearing actually, yay. Hugs to everyone.
First, Sorry about not commenting and everything. I've had lots of work...
First, I had to plan a Southern Blot experiment I'm planning to do next week, implying bombarding Wild type and Mutant plants, extracting their DNA this time, blotting it into a membrane, and hybridize that membrane against viral genomes.
Then , to perform the Real time PCR experiments I have been dragging for a semester.
That means lots of efforts because I have to make sure that my controls amplify correctly, that the plasticware and pipettes are completely clean, that my synthesized cDNA is fresh and suitable, etc etc etc.... I'm sick of it.

Other news: The dog's name is Sauron (officially) but everyone names and calls it whatever they want so ... I quit. Name my pet as you wish.

My social life has been as deserted as the sahara. I don't know why but no parties, no bar outings, nothing this month! I NEED PARTY!! I SERIOUSLY need it. I hate to drink alone, and I need a drink.  I want to dance, to flirt, everything that makes a party a real fun one.

Lenin: Ah, a bit better, he's still abroad but he loves me, or at least he says so. I'm trying to keep the love in myself.

Ah, and the sims 2 were back in my life. I'm currently playing myself married to Carlos D. Oh yeah, he's a sim cutie, as his real self. and I'm just gorgeous, the problem is that when his custom made skin combines to make children, the children look simply odd. :P so no cute kids for us.
I'll try to have a new sim family with me and joaquin phoenix. ^^ I expect a better outcome for our kids then xD

Love to everyone.
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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 03:25 pm)
My labmates and me went karaoke last night.
My throat is sore and I have a fairly decent hangover. XD

Sang: Summer Nights (olivia newton john and john travolta) to remember good old times when my lab made a viral-theme parody of Grease
           Toxic (Britney Spears) because it's the only BS song I truly enjoy
           You're Beautiful (James Blunt) to annoy the entire audience, already sick of hearing that song xD

Went to see The Simpsons Movie. Verdict: Funny, very funny. Not worthy to see it in theaters. Rent it.

Oh! and I changed my cell phone. no more it is a benq z2 (silly square, a very unpractical purchase) but a very much more reliable Sony Ericsson W200. I don't need more in a phone. I'm happy.
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( Apr. 26th, 2007 04:09 am)
for those new, I HATE WARM SEASON! I cannot stand temperatures above 32ºC or so... and thus, I decided to work the night shift. It's a bit risky because in our lab is strictly forbidden to work alone, for safety reasons, but I seriously  melt in my bench, so I have to work when sun is out and everywhere is quiet and about at 25ºC ^_______^
Now, 4:13 a.m. I'm finishing RNA extraction from 60 samples, I expect to have everything ready for RT-PCR approximately 10 a.m....Gel electrophoresis included. Yay me!
Btw: I have to attend a wedding next saturday and I have nothing to wear... I'm  doubting if I'll assist or not.  *yawns*

Love the nights....
love everyone
Have a nice weekend! ^______^
today, as this week was the most boring I had since when I was living with my parents.... I'll detail a bit what's been happening in the lab. He, he. At least, I will not be the only bored kid here. XDDDDD
The process is narrated here. Warning: Big pics. )

And that's all. XD
nothing else to say.
Lenin's coming!!! *evil, naughty laughter*

Happy Birthday, Crispin Glover!!! ^_________________^
Yes. I'm weak. I went to the party, alright? I have no word, period. :S
I DIDN'T drink anything, though. Well, a couple of glasses of wine but that was it. Non-drunk, healthy dancing. What it bothered me a little was the fact that the only music played was "grupera" (ok, let me explain that. tropical music, or "banda, norteña, reggaeton" music. If you don't know what it is, do not experiment. it's very good for dancing, but boring as hell) so I got tired very soon... and left. Alone. I miss Lenin in such walking in the dark street cases.
I should cut on the smoking pace. I had almost two packs today.  I love my cigarettes. I've lived with them since I was a toddler... how possibly hate them?
tomorrow: My first Gus-staining results. I'm nervous.
Good night, people. try to sleep... I'll do. =D
I haven't grabbed a needle in a month. I am out of inspiration ...  that and the fact that the canvas is dark blue and my eyes hurt after an hour. :S
but... I promise next month I'll retake it. It's worthy, is a large angel dressed in plum and dark purple, and all the angel has at this point is her two wings. :P

I miss Little Sin. It's been a week since I saw him the last time. Hope he's fine, even if his disappearance is due his rampant romance... 

I'm having this strange gynecological (or whatever the spelling is) phenomenon: I'm ovulating every week, since February. 4 times with this, and my period is delayed by a month. and if Lenin was here I'd be frantic and hysterical thinking about a pregnancy, but fortunately this is not the case. Anyway,  tomorrow I'll go to the specialist to determine if I'm having an hormonal distress Edit: disorder (MY ENGLISH SuCKS) or a tumor or something... I'm frightened.
And a question: If you're ovulating, you cannot possibly be pregnant, right??????

labstuff: the usual. Waiting for a new sampling, tomorrow. :)

I'd wish it was Sunday already. (but I have to finish two drawings I promised [personal profile] milosflaca I'll show to her... so I'd go finish them, I think)

Good night to you all. Be happy :) and wish me luck with the gynecologist.
I bombarded 350 of my Arabidopsis babies today, three lines, 115 plants per line. That meant 2 hours of preparation (covering gold particles with the different constructs,  tags, transport of the plant trays, etc) and 4 additional shooting hours. I'm wrecked. Samplings will begin tomorrow and they'll finish on Sunday morning, then I'm departing to see [personal profile] milosflaca and [profile] lummie, yipee!
When I return I expect symptoms from every virus-shot plant. :)

Other stuff:
Lenin called me yesterday  from a party, and he was drunk, again (tell me something new :S) . I'm fearing he's drinking a bit too much. (5 days a week that's what I call an excess) He told me that in France is very common  and that they are allowed to drink everywhere, even in the laboratories, and I'm reluctant to believe so. For me, that's nostalgia mixed with beer and self-abandon and lab stress. And, again, the old story about sharing his life with me and blah blah blah... I hate that he never tells me he can't live without me when sober. Or maybe he tells me but a lot less adamant and vehement.

and... I discovered a bunch of new freckles on my skin. I'm depressed. I hate sun.

Ok, hugs to everyone. Or kisses. choose yourself, I'm generous xD. :P
Lab duties are very diverse. You certainly have to be working like a bee, running gels, hybridizing, sowing seedlings, transplanting, inoculating, etc.
but... you are expected to have a more than deeply rooted reading habit.. articles, I mean.  Playboy and serial killer books are out of the question. So, we celebrate a weekly ritual that encompasses the thoroughly explanation of a plant virus-related article by a previously sorted lab member, and then, after the Q&A session, every lab member has to detail what has he/she read the previous week, if you don't attend or didn't read or anything... our boss charges you. Money. :S Last week, to expose the entire article, tomorrow, the blessed, god-handpicked and thus lucky sorted person
and the article I chose is not yet in a "magazine-format pdf" !! is like "office-word PDF"! That's because "I'm so-trendy marcha" chose an article that is not even ready to print, is in e-publication step only! T_T so it's very difficult to read because it refers to the figures and they are 20 pages after and grrrr.....

No more ranting. I have to go to prepare the presentation... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
hugs to everyone! ^_^
My little babies are not ready to be inoculated...
That adds a whole week to my schedule.  They have only four true leaves, and I have to wait until they have at least 6, because if not, the infection can delay even more than 15 days... (that because the god damn virus needs short days (8hlight-16h darkness) and a STABLE 23ºC temperature and blah blah blah)
What calms me is that I have everything (Viral clones and gold particles and growth chamber) ready and just when they reach the appropriate size and developmental stage, I'll be bombarding them right away, because I NEED THOSE RESULTS NOW!  and  the infection is only the first step, I need to take samples of all three lines to make Real-time PCR assays, Gus stainings and complementations...
And the news are: The NPK1-Salk is not really a mutant line, as the insertional homozygous are lethal, I cannot segregate a truly mutant line.
So I have to order a new line from ABRC. :S NPK1 is giving me headaches, because the promoter:reporter gus expressing lines do not express said gene further  than in T1 population, as the gus gene and Km gene seem to be silenced,  ergo, I'm transforming AGAIN (Three times with this) to have seedlings to work with. I HATE FLORAL DIP! ¬____¬ is so messy... but I prefer that than vacuuming or tissue-culture.
anyway I'm sorry about that lab rant, If you got dizzy for reading this, my apologies.

And.... a music recommendation: Kaiser Chiefs. I'm IN ENDLESS LOVE with them. (Lovely British accents, superb music, emo, despaired lyrics...*faints again*)

Edit: hooooo!! No lab meeting today!! Yahoo!!!
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( Feb. 22nd, 2007 03:39 pm)

Fucking mutants!!!

Well, I was looking for some nice Christopher Meloni and /or Carlos Dengler  (or Carlos D, whatever the prince wants to be called)  pics, hi-res... for desktop crafting.. _(I'm sorta tired of Joaquin Phoenix... unbelievable, uh?)  Does anyone has some? or one? or lots? If so, I'd be so thankful!
I swear I spent a whole hour surfing the net but my results (obviously due my lack of searching abilities and method) were null.
Or if anyone knows how to search in places like photobucket or imageshack for specific images? anyway I'd be so so so in debt I promise I'll cook or do something for whoever helps me solve my prob xD

Other stuff:

And my boss is still absent! (I hope he forgets yesterday meeting and the subsequent rage hehehe)
hugs for everybody!
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 06:44 pm)
I *Finally* had my committee reunion.
I'm an absolute failure, you know?
It's only that I cannot think or imagine how controls will make my life easier.
It results that I have to prove that both my genes respond to viral infection by amplifying each one of the viral genes... A little bit over the top for me, but they are the law..
and well, it results also that either one of my mutants has a functional copy of the gene or the mutation, even if homozygous, is not affecting the overall phenotype because there is another rescuing gene or the insertion is way before the transcription initiation site.
so I have to verify if the mutant *is* a mutant, or a useful one, at least.
The good news are that I no longer have to produce my own proteins in order to make antibodies. My boss went generous this semester and decided that everything will be synthesized by an independent lab, that means we'll order them! Yay!

So a semester full of Real-time RT-PCRs, synthetic peptides, mutants and infection kinetics is waiting for me.

well, that and a raging boss in his office. I must go or....
(*marcha goes expecting not to be yelled at ... well.. not that much)

See ya all!

P.d. I love my nerdicon! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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( Feb. 1st, 2007 05:26 pm)
Yes, I know. I'm such a whiner. I have to share this with anyone, I guess. Everyone in the lab has several responsibilities. Preparing a number of common solutions, sterilize glassware, making sure there are enough culture media, etc. Mine is to prepare all the antibiotics and other additives for culture media, such as Kanamycin, Carbenicillin, Nalidixic Acid, Tetracycline, IPTG, X-Gal, X-Glu, etc etc, and to make sure there is plenty of them ready to use.
To prepare carbenicillin is a very simple task. Glass vials with premeasured quantities of cb are injected with 10ml sterile double-distilled deionized water, the resultant mix aliquoted into 1 ml eppendorf tubes, and frozen.
But today instead of injecting the water to the vial, I pricked myself with the needle, down to the bone, I reached it I swear, and since the needle is rather thick, now I have a hole in my left index finger, and it hurts!! T____T Yes I know I'm such a sissy.

I want my mommy! I want Lenin! I just want a hug. TOT
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( Dec. 19th, 2006 12:35 am)
Our tutor invited us to dinner in a fancy restaurant because of the graduation I told you yesterday.... an occasion to remember! XD So then we went and ate like unleashed lions. When bill arrived he was near hysteria, but he foretold us that everything was to be on him and well..we accepted. XD I guess when I obtain my grade he'll be far more careful on the offerings.

I'm a little drunk now so I'm going to bed right away. I hate that "swirling bed" effect after parties XP


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